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本文摘要:A mesmerizing video out of a factory in China shows just how fast automation might be coming for labour jobs.在一家中国工厂摄制的一个令人著迷的视频展出了通过自动化技术处置体力活儿不会有多慢。


A mesmerizing video out of a factory in China shows just how fast automation might be coming for labour jobs.在一家中国工厂摄制的一个令人著迷的视频展出了通过自动化技术处置体力活儿不会有多慢。These small, yellow robots work at Shentong Express, a delivery company in Hangzhou, Zhejiang province.这些小型的黄色机器人为申通快递服务,申通快递是浙江省杭州市的一家物流公司。The bots, which are manufactured by Hikvision, are self-charging, can sort 200,000 packages per day and are more accurate than human workers.这些机器人是由海康威视生产的,可以自动电池,而且每天可以服务公司200,000个包覆,还比人工服务公司更加精确。

“We want to start using these across the country, especially in our bigger centres, a Shentong spokesperson told the South China Morning Post, adding that the robots improved efficiency by 30 per cent.“我们想要在全国落成机器人服务,特别是在我们一些较小的(服务公司)中心,”一位申通发言人告诉他《南华早报》并补足道,这些机器人提升了30%的效率。Humans have one job — handing the robot each parcel, then the robot delivers it to the correct chute in the warehouse floor.职工的工作就是把每个包覆转交机器人,然后机器人就不会把这些包覆载运到仓库楼层准确的传输滑梯上。

Employees sort packages at Shentong Express in China in 2013. Now, much of the companys sorting is done by robots.2013年中国申通快递还是通过员工展开包覆服务公司的,如今该公司的多数服务公司工作都是由机器人已完成的。Our working process starts with the scanning of a bar code which matches the geographical information. Then it automatically calculates the path to find the corresponding drop, operational director Gao Peng said.“我们的工作流程首先是扫瞄条形码来给定地理位置信息,然后机器人就不会自动计算出来路径寻找适当的投入点,”运营总监高鹏说。China has been rushing to increase production automation. In its five-year-plan, the country announced it would triple its annual production of industrial robots to 100,000 each year by 2020.中国仍然意图提升生产自动化。

在其五年计划中,中国声称到2020年其工业机器人年产量将减至三倍,超过年产100,000台。On Tuesday, a senior Bank of Canada official warned Canadians should brace for potential side effects of automation like job loss and income inequality.星期二,加拿大银行高管收到警告,加拿大人有误自动化的不良后果作好打算,比如失业以及收益不公平。



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