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本文摘要:A newly revealed patent application filed by Amazon is raising privacy concerns over an envisaged upgrade to the companys smart speaker systems.最近发布的亚马逊的专利申请,因为该公司智能音箱系统的预期升级引起了关于隐私问题的忧虑。


A newly revealed patent application filed by Amazon is raising privacy concerns over an envisaged upgrade to the companys smart speaker systems.最近发布的亚马逊的专利申请,因为该公司智能音箱系统的预期升级引起了关于隐私问题的忧虑。This change would mean that, by default, the devices end up listening to and recording everything you say in their presence.这项功能的转变意味著在配置文件情况下,音箱不会监听并记录一切你在它附近所说的话。Alexa, Amazons virtual assistant system that runs on the companys Echo series of smart speakers, works by listening out for a wakeword that tells the device to turn on its extended speech recognition systems in order to respond to spoken commands.Alexa是亚马逊用在该公司Echo系列智能音箱上的虚拟世界辅助系统,它不会通过听得“苏醒词”来掌控音箱打开拓展语音识别系统来对语音指令作出反应。On Amazons devices, the wakeword is Alexa, but similar systems control how Apple devices work (Hey Siri) and also Googles (Hey Google), not to mention products from other tech companies.亚马逊音箱的苏醒词是“Alexa”,还有类似于的系统控制着苹果设备(“Hey Siri”),谷歌也有(“Hey Google”),很多其他科技公司的产品都有。

In theory, Alexa-enabled devices will only record what you say directly after the wakeword, which is then uploaded to Amazon, where remote servers use speech recognition to deduce your meaning, then relay commands back to your local speaker.理论上来说由Alexa启动的设备不能对你听完“苏醒词”之后立刻说道的话展开录音,然后上传遍亚马逊,远程服务器再行利用语音辨识来推测你的意思,然后将指令传到本地音箱。But one issue in this flow of events, as Amazons recently revealed patent application argues, is it means that anything you say before the wakeword isnt actually heard.但亚马逊最近发布的专利申请中说道,这一系列操作者中有一个问题,那就是你在讲出苏醒词之前所说的话只不过未被录音。A user may not always structure a spoken command in the form of a wakeword followed by a command (eg. Alexa, play some music), the Amazon authors explain in their patent application, which was filed back in January, but only became public last week.专利申请1月份就已递交,上周才公之于众。

亚马逊负责人在专利申请中说明说道:“用户得出语音指令时不有可能总是再行讲出苏醒词然后再行收到指令(如‘Alexa,播出音乐’)”。Instead, a user may include the command before the wakeword (eg. Play some music, Alexa) or even insert the wakeword in the middle of a command (eg. Play some music, Alexa, the Beatles please). While such phrasings may be natural for a user, current speech processing systems are not configured to handle commands that are not preceded by a wakeword.“用户反而可能会再行说道指令,再说苏醒词(如‘播出音乐,Alexa’),或者甚至在指令之间说道苏醒词(如‘播出音乐,Alexa,请求播出甲壳虫乐队的歌’)。虽然对用户来说这样很大自然,但目前的语音处置系统并没这样的功能,能辨识并未说道苏醒词就得出的指令。



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